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A Little Quilting and a Lot of Sewing

January 26, 2009

I have been pretty busy lately working on some ordered baby quilts and making Miss Elly some dresses. The quilts were nothing special, but the dresses turned out pretty cute. I’m having a hard time making myself quilt when I’d rather be making dresses for Miss Elly. My dh keeps asking me just how many dresses does one little girl need and I keep telling him as many as I can make.  I’ve already ordered fabric for her Easter dress and can’t wait for it to arrive. I have the design of the dress in mind and am anxious to get started.

Here are a few of the latest dresses. I didn’t take pictures of the last batch I sent. I just wish I could go up and spend a few days cuddling but with the weather issues (pond chopping duties) I can’t get away. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get up there in the next couple of weeks.


Here is the latest quilt I worked on. I have another to put on the frame tomorrow but it’s a panel quilt so it will go fast. Then I can get back to my dresses.


That’s it for tonight. The weather is really bad. We’ve had freezing rain off and on since this afternoon and they are calling for 1″ to 3″ tomorrow. It should be fun chopping ponds in the morning. If we lose power, I have a dress I’m smocking on to keep me occupied until I can get back to my machine. I can use the machine with the generator but really don’t like to do it.  I was told I could use the Fun Quilter with the generator but I don’t think I want to take that chance. So, I’ll just smock away if we lose power.

Stay warm and cozy and Happy Quilting!


Another Quilt Finished and Out the Door

October 1, 2008

One of our nieces requested a quilt for her sister-in-law. The sister-in-law chose a nursery set with a giraffe’s on it in pretty dull colors. Alisha wanted something a little brighter with giraffe’s so this is what I came up with.

I thought it turned out pretty cute. I just love the Moda Essential Dots. I wish I had room to order bolts of this fabric but my sewing room is about to explode as it is.

I tried using monofilament on this quilt but the spool ended up in a mess and I finally had to give up. I don’t know what happened but I think I’m going to send it back to Superior to see if they can figure out what happened. It was pooling and then you couldn’t find the end of the thread. I use a lot of Madeira embroidery thread so I think I’m going to try using their monofilament. I’ve seen a lot of good things about it. I have been concerned about using it on baby quilts since I had seen a lot of discussion that you should not use it on baby quilts but I guess I’ll see what I think as time goes on. There are times when monofilament would look so much better than having to use a contrasting thread for stitch in the ditch on multi colored quilts.

Last week, I got the borders done for a friend that was a real booger. She had done a quilt as you go king and it was cut ready for binding. I had to add strips to it to get it on the leaders and had several tucks because she had used a sheet for the backing and part of the strips. It was so heavy I don’t know how anyone will ever be able to sleep under it but it is done. Now, I guess I get to do the binding…but it will have to wait until I get more of my orders done.

The economy is really getting scary but I continue to get orders. I have received an order from Japan from a shop there which is a thrill. That makes the 7th quilt order I have received in the last week so I’m frantically trying to get my Mother’s Harvest Spice quilt finished and off the frame. I have one made and am waiting for backing fabric, another in the works, fabric for another, and 2 more including the one for Japan to get started. This is fun but when they pile up, I start getting a little frantic. I try to get them made and shipped within 2 weeks but this is going to be a 3 weeker I think.

Well, better get my shower and get to work.

Happy quilting!

Working on Quilts

September 22, 2008

The Christening went beautifully. Miss Elly only got upset a couple of times and got over it very quickly.  Our daughter had a get together afterward and Miss Elly was handled by more people than she had seen her whole life and handled it like a trooper. Here are a few pictures, first with her Christening outfit on and then with her after dress Granny Wolf bought for her.

I have been doing some quilting.  Most of the quilts I’ve done are ordered quilts that I’ve made before. This one is a new one and I have another on the frame which should be finished this afternoon.

Then hopefully, I can get caught up on the ones that have been sitting in waiting. I have a friends quilt to do borders on, my Mothers Harvest Spice quilt (which was for her Mothers day present….a little late I know), and then I have another quilt to make for my niece. My husband came home yesterday with an order from one of the guys at work for a queen size quilt from scratch with no real ideas for style or pattern, I have a lady in California wanting 4 baby quilts made and she’s not helping much on design. Then, I need to get started on Christmas. So…no time to waste. Oh, and did I mention I’m trying to quit smoking? So far, so good and it’s probably a good thing I’ve got a lot to keep me busy. And, in between the quilts, I’m learning to smock and have some outfits I want to get Miss Elly made between now and Christmas.

So that’s it for today. I need to get away from the computer before I reach for a cigarette….the computer could be my downfall.

Happy Quilting!

The Christening Quilt

September 2, 2008

I decided on Saturday that I’d better get started on this quilt in case it didn’t work out I would have time to do something else. I had purchased silk for the quilt and since I’ve never worked with it, I was a little concerned. I had marked my pattern last week on freezer paper so all I needed to do was mark the quilt top.

Saturday afternoon, the only place I could find to mark the quilt was in the floor next to my machine. My DH and I taped the pattern to the floor and then the fabric. It took all afternoon to get the top marked and at times, I didn’t know if I would get if finished. It’s been a while (last summer when I put the laminate floor in)  since I’ve crawled around on the floor and I knew I was going to regret it. (I was right, I am pretty sore.)

I left the top on the floor so I could see what else I wanted to put on it and guess who decided to use it as a bed after our walk…..our cow dog. So, then not only did I have my markings on the top, but also some mud. Oh well, I decided I’d go ahead and quilt it and hope for the best.

When I put it on the frame, I was thinking I may have made a mistake getting the silk. I never thought it would be stretchy (is that a word?). But I decide to go ahead and if it didn’t work out, I had some cotton sateen I could use. I also left the pattern taped to the floor just in case but covered it with a towel and chairs so my black beauty (cat named BB) wouldn’t use it for shredding (he shreds everything paper). So, here are some pictures of the work in progress. I finished it yesterday and put it in the washer to get the blue marks out and hopefully the mud. I didn’t dry it, just laid it on the frame to dry just in case I need to work some more on the mud spots. If all is well, I’ll post pictures after getting it bound.

My curved crosshatching isn’t perfect, I ordered rulers but they didn’t arrive before I got started (will probably arrive today). I used Renae’s arcs but think now I need the smaller ones for work such as this. The ones I have worked okay and I also used the circle ruler for some. I’m finding that I do a lot better on my crosshatching getting it put on before I put the quilt on the frame. The next one I do will be premarked also. I had to be really careful not to stretch the quilt too much while proceeding through the quilt. I was afraid when I took it off it would wad up into a ball….that didn’t happen. I achieved my goal not to stretch.

I’m pleased with how it turned out and have a label planned for the back which will explain my reasoning for the design. I’ll post that also when done.

Thanks for looking at my first wholecloth for my darling new granddaughter, Miss Elly.

Happy quilting!

Christening Blanket/Quilt

August 21, 2008

I have been asked by our daughter to make a blanket for Miss Elly’s christening.  I’ve been debating on whether to make a single layer heirloom type quilt or try to do a wholecloth. I’ve decided to try my hand at a wholecloth. I’ve ordered some silk and am now trying to decide on the center design. Missy indicated she would like to have Miss Elly’s initial on the quilt and I have come up with a design for the center if I use the initial as the center focus. What do you think of this?

Or, I’ve been thinking since it is a christening quilt, maybe I should use something more religious. What do you think of this?

Of course these will be embroidered onto the quilt and then I will do my quilting. If I use the Trinity Cross for the center, I plan to do an oval around it and then feathers around that. I want to do feather hearts around the edge of the quilt and then scallop the edges (if I can figure out how to do that properly). If I do the Trinity Cross I will put the initial in the center of the heart feathers in each corner and curved cross hatching in the others. I got up at 3am this morning thinking about this so need to get it on paper so I can get some sleep.

Any suggestions on this are very welcome.

Happy Quilting!

In A Funk

June 29, 2008

I’ve been in a funk the last couple of days. I can’t seem to get focused on anything. I keep jumping around on things and not getting anything done. I think today, I’m going to clean my sewing room and maybe that will get me focused on the next project.

I did get a couple of quilts done to put on the site. They are really cute, panels, but sell well. I try to give a variety of things and prices for people to choose from so don’t always get to do the things I want to do. I have received an order for another quilt for my niece. It should be a fairly quick quilt to do but will be a real challenge for me. She wants it scrappy and I have a real hard time doing scrappy things. For some reason, I want uniformity in all of my quilts so this should be a good experience for me. I have scraps coming out my ears so maybe this will get me on a roll and I can get rid of some of the bags I have around.

I recently found some neat window shades. Our house faces south so the south sun bakes us in the summer (warms in the winter though). I hate having my house closed up so found these mesh shades from Penny’s that block the sun somehow but allow you to see outside. I can still watch my hummingbirds and animals while not having the hot sun baking me.

Here are pictures of the 2 quilts I got done this week. As I said, panels aren’t my favorite to do but it gives me practice and they sell well.

Here’s a picture looking through my new shade. I have put them on the sliding glass doors and windows in the living room and dining room (quilting room). I also ordered them for my sewing room so I can quit spending time in the dark in the afternoons.

I don’t know how they work but they do keep the heat out. They are supposed to help with the cold too so will wait and see about that.

Well, I’d better get started on my sewing room clean up.  Happy quilting!

More Baby Items

June 15, 2008

I finished the diaper stacker, laundry holder, and the pillow today. Next, I have to redo the head and foot bumpers for the cradle and the quilt since someone miss measured. Once those are done, I’m finally done with the baby things for our new granddaughter, and can get on with my business of baby quilts.

Here are pictures of the diaper stacker and pillow. I couldn’t take pictures of the laundry holder since I didn’t have the frame it goes on. The inset is the same as the diaper stacker.

That’s it for tonight. Happy quilting!

Busy, Busy, Busy

June 4, 2008

I have been frantically working on bedding for our new granddaughter who should arrive sometime between the end of June and first of July. I’ve had quite a lot to work on, the quilt, bumper pads, bed skirt, curtains, diaper stacker, laundry holder, and pillow. Then I found out there was a cradle being made so I had to make the bumper pads and quilt for the cradle. So far, I’ve gotten everything done except the diaper stacker, laundry holder, and pillow. I was going to try to get those done this morning before leaving for KC but decided, a rush job is never a good thing to do. To say the least, I’m seeing dots. Here’s some pictures:

I have to admit that my scallops on the quilt leave a lot to be desired. This was my first attempt and due to a lack of time, I didn’t plan them out like I should have. Hopefully, the next one I’ll have time to use Ronda’s directions for getting them even. (Thank you Ronda for being so giving!). But, all in all, I’m happy with the end results. Another thing I did that I wished I’d done differently was the ties on the bumpers….should have used the brown dots but by the time I realized it, it was too late to change. Oh well, such is life. I thought about doing button holes and pulling the ties to the back, but again, not enough time. Oh well, it’s done.

During all of the baby sewing, I received orders for 4 quilts. Panic time!! I’ve gotten 1 done and ready to mail, mailed one that was already made (thank God!) and now have 2 more to make and quilt. The rest of this week is shot. Going to KC for the shower and a funeral of a very good friend. So, I’m planning to leave as soon as the shower is over and return home to get back to work.

That’s it for now. Happy Quilting!

Harvest Spice Fabric Quilt

March 27, 2008

I have had this fabric for quite some time and couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with it. I didn’t particularly like the pattern for the fabric so I just “winged” it and came up with this quilt. I’m afraid my feathers are not quite what I had hoped but this is only the 2nd quilt I’ve done feathers on. Also, the borders were 11″ wide which gave me a lot of area to cover. After I finished, I thought of other ways I could have done them but, they are as they are.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and please, don’t be too critical.

Happy quilting!


A Disappointing Morning

March 3, 2008

I was scheduled to work at the local quilt shop today and tomorrow. When I went to bed last night, it was raining and when I set out to take my 11 year old to the bus, realized that the crossing was flooding and we couldn’t get out. I was so looking forward to spending 2 days stroking fabric. The down side to my working there is I always come home with fabric, that unfortunately, sits on my shelves waiting for me to do something with.

This week has just been a disappointing week for me. I hurried and put a quilt together last weekend that I was looking forward to quilting. I got it on the frame and couldn’t decide what to do with it. I finally used some of my new stencils and still couldn’t decide what to do with the rest of the quilt. I also had some tension issues that ended up ruining the quilt as far as I’m concerned. I used chalk to get the stencils marked on the fabric and ended up washing the finished quilt to get it out…another disappointment. I probably need to do this more often (washing the finished quilts) to see how they look. Seeing this quilt after the washing, I’m going to be doing more quilting on the future quilts to hopefully eliminate some of the wrinkled look that happens when I don’t do as much quilting. This also brings forward the debate of washing fabric before piecing. I’ve seldom washed fabric because I have so much of it that it would take months to get it all washed and then ironed and put away. Plus, my sewing room is filled to the gills so there is little room to spread out without getting birdseed, feathers, or cat hair on the freshly washed fabric. I guess I could move my ironing board to the living room but that would take even more effort to get it out of the sewing room. So, I guess I’ll just quilt more and not wash my fabrics unless absolutely necessary. Plus, quilting more just gives me more practice.

Here are some pictures of the recent quilt that I unfortunately don’t like now. I guess this will go into the charity pile.



I’m also having some tension problems. I had it on this quilt and thanks to Michelle Wyman, got them resolved before finishing. The next quilt, I used King Tut with Bottom Line in the bobbin. I had about 1/3 of the quilt quilted when I started seeing problems. I adjusted and adjusted on the tension but it continued. So, I decided to frog all that I had done and switch to another thread. I’ve never had problems using the King Tut with Sew Fine in the bobbin but continually have the problems with Bottom Line. So, I guess I’m going to try to find another varigated thread to use when I have to use Bottom Line to match the back fabric. I’ve used the Maxi-Lock Swirls thread but am uneasy about how this thread will hold up over the long run. I’m going to use it on this quilt I’m working on since I have nothing else to try. If anyone has any suggestions for a new kind of thread, please let me know.

Here’s wishing you a happy quilting day!