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Wow, What a Month!

November 3, 2008

I hadn’t realized it had been so long since I had blogged. I guess my month was pretty full leaving little time for blogging.

My Mother was fussing at me the other day for not visiting with her and just out of curiosity, I decided to check and see how many quilts I had made since the 1st of August to give her an idea of why I had not had time to visit. As of the 15th of October, I had made and shipped over 20 baby quilts and one extra large full size quilt for, you guessed it, my Mother.  In addition to making quilts, through the end of October, I have made 3 trips to Kansas City to see Miss Elly, had my brother visit for a week twice, my nephew visit for for 2 weekends, spent 3 days driving my sister and my mother to doctor appointments, and then there is the every day activities and shopping trips that are necessary. So… say the least, I have been busy. I’ve also made and shipped 6 more quilts since the 15th and have 2 more baby quilts and a king and a queen to do as soon as I can get them made.

Unfortunately, when checking my pictures, I failed to get a picture of one of the quilts I wanted to show. Oh well, that happens when you are rushing to get things in the mail.  There’s no way to duplicate that one that’s for sure. I wasn’t really going to duplicate it though since the fabric is difficult to find even though it is really cute fabric.

Here is a quilt that went to Japan…I’m international now.

I will close though with a couple of recent pictures of Miss Elly. I’m also working on smocking some little dresses for her and have several to make that will not be smocked. I’ve decided to quilt during the day and in the evening, I’m working on things for Miss Elly. I made the blue dress and red pinafore to see about sizing. She had spit up a little but who cares and had lost her big red bow that was on the head band. Now I can get to work on all the fabric I’ve purchased for her.

Happy quilting!