Another Quilting Day

I have been working on my design for the wholecloth for Miss Elly. I have it all drawn out and now need to get it on the fabric. I realized, after receiving my silk fabric, that I didn’t order enough. The quilt is 45″x45″ and I only ordered 2 yards….what was I thinking. So, now, I have to figure out what to use on the back. I had ordered some silk batiste that should arrive any day and may use that for the back. I don’t know though, it seems pretty thin. I will have to see what I think when it arrives.

As soon as I decided to do the wholecloth, I received 4 quilt orders. Never fails. I need the orders but have a lot to do for the christening. So, I’ve been frantically getting quilts ready to quilt and hope to have them all done this week so I can concentrate on the christening things.

Here is the latest ordered quilt being  put in the mail this morning. This one took a little longer since it has applique/embroidery as well as piecing. The next 3 are panels so should go fast. It’s fun to know I have quilts scattered all over the US being drooled on by babies.

Now on to the next 3. Happy Quilting!


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