I’m Among The Living

I haven’t had anything to show as far as quilts lately. I have been working on ordered quilts since I returned from Kansas City. I have to admit, every time I have gone to Kansas City, I had orders waiting for me when I returned. Maybe I need to make more trips.

I got to spend a few days with Miss Elly a few weeks ago. She is so sweet and I just couldn’t get enough of her. It was so hard to leave but will make the next time even better. She’ll be visiting next weekend and I can’t wait.

The heat here has been unbearable. Yesterday I think the heat index was at 105 degrees. Too hot to be outside for sure. It is supposed to cool off the rest of the week.

Well, that’s it from Wishbone Lane. I have a root canal this morning and am not looking forward to it. At least I know I won’t have a golf ball on the side of my face for the next MQS.

I can’t leave without including 2 new pictures of Miss Elly. Happy Quilting!

I forgot to publish this so will do so now. My root canal went fine and it is such a relief to get this over.

Happy Quilting!


3 Responses to “I’m Among The Living”

  1. Anita Estes Says:

    Miss Elly is adorable!! Congratulations.

  2. rondabeyer Says:

    Awww, adorable, congrats and I am so glad your root canal went well, nothing worse then going to the dentist…

  3. Martha Says:

    Miss Elly is just perfect! I understand the prebaby sewing rush you were in back awhile ago. I’m in the pregrandson sewing season myself! (I just found your site this am.)

    Don’t you just lovelovelove sewing for little girls! It’s been about that long since I could sew for my DD. Now I’ve got a grandniece to sew for!

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