In A Funk

I’ve been in a funk the last couple of days. I can’t seem to get focused on anything. I keep jumping around on things and not getting anything done. I think today, I’m going to clean my sewing room and maybe that will get me focused on the next project.

I did get a couple of quilts done to put on the site. They are really cute, panels, but sell well. I try to give a variety of things and prices for people to choose from so don’t always get to do the things I want to do. I have received an order for another quilt for my niece. It should be a fairly quick quilt to do but will be a real challenge for me. She wants it scrappy and I have a real hard time doing scrappy things. For some reason, I want uniformity in all of my quilts so this should be a good experience for me. I have scraps coming out my ears so maybe this will get me on a roll and I can get rid of some of the bags I have around.

I recently found some neat window shades. Our house faces south so the south sun bakes us in the summer (warms in the winter though). I hate having my house closed up so found these mesh shades from Penny’s that block the sun somehow but allow you to see outside. I can still watch my hummingbirds and animals while not having the hot sun baking me.

Here are pictures of the 2 quilts I got done this week. As I said, panels aren’t my favorite to do but it gives me practice and they sell well.

Here’s a picture looking through my new shade. I have put them on the sliding glass doors and windows in the living room and dining room (quilting room). I also ordered them for my sewing room so I can quit spending time in the dark in the afternoons.

I don’t know how they work but they do keep the heat out. They are supposed to help with the cold too so will wait and see about that.

Well, I’d better get started on my sewing room clean up.  Happy quilting!


4 Responses to “In A Funk”

  1. Carol Says:

    Thank you for the post on your window shades. I have been reorganizing my studio (getting my creativity focused) and took pictures last night. What I now use for curtains are panels of “all over” quilting practice. I like them because they keep the heat from the sun out in the summer and keep the cold out in the winter, but I don’t like the way they look. So when I read your blog, there was the answer for me as well.

    Love the panel quilts.

  2. AllenQuilts Says:

    The quilts are cute…hope you are out of your funk soon!

  3. Judy L. Says:

    Did you get yourself out of the funk? If not, I say we go to Joplin for lunch! 🙂

  4. Anita Estes Says:

    Where’d you get the shades? I think I might like to buy some for my studio.

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