Back From MQS

Well, I started out on Tuesday with a toothache. Before getting half way to KC, I was in so much pain (even after several aspirins), that I pulled over and called my dentist. Because I have had these before, I knew I was developing an abscessed tooth. So, the dentist called in an antibiotic for me to pick up in KC and I continued on. By the time I arrived at our daughters, my face had begun to swell. I started on the antibiotic right away but when I got up on Wednesday, I had a golf ball size knot on the side of my face (Not pretty). I debated about not going to my classes looking somewhat like the elephant woman but decided I had paid my money and wanted to attend those classes. So, I spent 3 days walking around looking like the elephant woman, sneaking to the car between classes to down more aspirins so I could continue. I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed my classes but was too embarrassed to introduce myself to Suzanne Earley, Kim Stotsenberg, and Renae Haddadin who were some of my instructors or some of the others from MQResource who were in some of my classes. I had intended to go to the group get together but decided I didn’t want to leave a lasting impression of the elephant woman. So, I sped into and out of my classes, hoping noone would notice, and made several rounds of the vendor booths hoping noone would wonder why I was hiding part of my face with my papers.

The quilts were beautiful! Ronda, if you see this, I spent a lot of time looking at yours while trying to be a fly on the wall. I was especially taken with your Darwins Diamonds and Florals. The piping in the border just set it off perfectly. I just wish I could have spent more time examining all of them. Renae’s was outstanding too as were so many more.

I did get some shopping done but not half as much as I would have had I not been the elephant woman. I was pretty disappointed that there were only 2 of the batting companies present. I had hoped to be able to pick up a roll while there and save on shipping. But, that’s how things work.

My face is finally almost back to normal although I still have a walnut sized knot. Of course, I have noone to impress other than my family who didn’t even notice anything different (I don’t know if that is good or bad). So, it’s to bed for me. Too many late nights for me this week and I have work to do starting tomorrow.

I hope everyone who attended MQS had as productive  a trip as I did and I hope you didn’t have any encounters with the elephant woman.

Happy quilting!


3 Responses to “Back From MQS”

  1. rondabeyer Says:


    Thank you for the kind words, and you certainly should have introduced yours elf, especially to Renae, she is the kindest and most talented person… Wish I could have been at the show. I barely got that quilt done in time for the show… Take care of YOU>>>>

  2. janthompson Says:

    How awful that you had to hide yourself! Glad you are doing better, and did manage to have a good time at MQS! Take care.

  3. churchwarden Says:

    churchwarden says : I absolutely agree with this !

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