No Quilting This Week

I have been working on prom dresses this week so no quilting again. I’m hoping to get the last one done this weekend so I can get back to quilting. I tend to have withdrawals when I don’t get to do any quilting and it has really been hard to keep forcused on these dresses. I love to sew but prom dresses are not my favorite things.

I’ve also been getting patterns together to make our new granddaughter (due in July) some clothes. It has been at least 10 years since our other granddaughter was at an age where she liked Granny’s dresses so I’m really looking forward to another 5 or 6 years of little girl dresses. And, I’m in the process of trying to come close to duplicating a bedding design our daughter wants for the baby’s room. She found a Carter design she liked but didn’t particularly like the washed out colors and the quilting was embarassing. We went to Babys-R-Us last Sunday and I couldn’t believe the quilting on this quilt. The stitches were very inconsistent, long and shorts but never the same length, The quilt has been echoed but not in a very good way. She’s not a sewer and even she noticed how unprofessional it looked. Carter really needs to get some better quality control. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. I’m making the bumpers, quilt, bed skirt, diaper stacker, curtains and clothes hamper. I’ll probably end up redoing the mobile too since it has the drab fabrics on it. I’m looking for mobile parts to make one from scratch so if anyone knows where I can get one of these, please let me know. I bought one years ago and never used it but have no idea where it is. We’ve moved since then so there is no telling where it ended up.

Well, better get back to the last prom dress.

Happy Quilting!


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