A Disappointing Morning

I was scheduled to work at the local quilt shop today and tomorrow. When I went to bed last night, it was raining and when I set out to take my 11 year old to the bus, realized that the crossing was flooding and we couldn’t get out. I was so looking forward to spending 2 days stroking fabric. The down side to my working there is I always come home with fabric, that unfortunately, sits on my shelves waiting for me to do something with.

This week has just been a disappointing week for me. I hurried and put a quilt together last weekend that I was looking forward to quilting. I got it on the frame and couldn’t decide what to do with it. I finally used some of my new stencils and still couldn’t decide what to do with the rest of the quilt. I also had some tension issues that ended up ruining the quilt as far as I’m concerned. I used chalk to get the stencils marked on the fabric and ended up washing the finished quilt to get it out…another disappointment. I probably need to do this more often (washing the finished quilts) to see how they look. Seeing this quilt after the washing, I’m going to be doing more quilting on the future quilts to hopefully eliminate some of the wrinkled look that happens when I don’t do as much quilting. This also brings forward the debate of washing fabric before piecing. I’ve seldom washed fabric because I have so much of it that it would take months to get it all washed and then ironed and put away. Plus, my sewing room is filled to the gills so there is little room to spread out without getting birdseed, feathers, or cat hair on the freshly washed fabric. I guess I could move my ironing board to the living room but that would take even more effort to get it out of the sewing room. So, I guess I’ll just quilt more and not wash my fabrics unless absolutely necessary. Plus, quilting more just gives me more practice.

Here are some pictures of the recent quilt that I unfortunately don’t like now. I guess this will go into the charity pile.



I’m also having some tension problems. I had it on this quilt and thanks to Michelle Wyman, got them resolved before finishing. The next quilt, I used King Tut with Bottom Line in the bobbin. I had about 1/3 of the quilt quilted when I started seeing problems. I adjusted and adjusted on the tension but it continued. So, I decided to frog all that I had done and switch to another thread. I’ve never had problems using the King Tut with Sew Fine in the bobbin but continually have the problems with Bottom Line. So, I guess I’m going to try to find another varigated thread to use when I have to use Bottom Line to match the back fabric. I’ve used the Maxi-Lock Swirls thread but am uneasy about how this thread will hold up over the long run. I’m going to use it on this quilt I’m working on since I have nothing else to try. If anyone has any suggestions for a new kind of thread, please let me know.

Here’s wishing you a happy quilting day!


3 Responses to “A Disappointing Morning”

  1. freda1951 Says:

    I love this quilt. I have been wanting to do a pinwheel quilt so I may have to keep this one in mind.

  2. Anita aka Grannypatches Says:

    Just curious…. why is it you don’t put that quilt back on the machine to do more quilting? I often put a quilt back on and do more quilting after it’s been washed. I let the quilting machine do the ironing for me. It’s an easy way to take out wrinkles.

  3. Linda Says:

    If you don’t want it, I certainly would love to have it! I like that look & lots of my quilts look that way. Seriously, my address is…… LOL

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