Finally a finished quilt

I finally finished the quilt using the toad-ally yours fabric. I have done stitch in the ditch so much that it is the first thing I think about when loading a quilt. I’m trying to get “out of the box” and do other things. I have bought many books and DVD’s but finally found something that I’m at least decent with…leaves. The inspiring book is from Kim Stotsenberg “Just Leaf It”. If you haven’t purchased this book, it is well worth your money.

I have also purchased some stencils, and am awaiting their arrival. I do mainly baby quilts so stitch in the ditch has been okay. But, it is very boring and the quilts aren’t very inspiring.

But, here is my latest quilt. It is very hard to see the quilting in the black background areas. I did a flower motif in the large snowball blocks, a flower with leaves in the stars, a single leaf and loop in the first border, and a double leaf and loop in the outside border. I’m sorry the pictures don’t show much.

Happy quilting!

100_1453-2.jpg 100_1457-2.jpg100_1457.jpg100_1465-2.jpg


2 Responses to “Finally a finished quilt”

  1. Lupita Says:

    Hi …mi name is Lupita and I live in México!
    Your works are very beautiful! I like it.
    See you

  2. Treasa Says:

    I just found your blog. I love this quilt. The colors are great. Thanks for sharing.

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