Now What Do I Do?

I got my Toad-ally Yours quilt put together but now what do I do. Because of the black backgrounds, the quilting won’t show very much. I thought about doing a floral panto but the only one I have is Camelia. That might be okay but since this is rather whimsical fabric, I think that would be a little too much.

I’ve got it hanging on my wall so will see if I can come up with an idea while looking at it overall.

If anyone has any suggestions, please come forward!


Happy Quilting!


3 Responses to “Now What Do I Do?”

  1. calegar Says:

    I love that fabric! I have been drooling over it for awhile now, but haven’t purchased it yet! I love your quilt!

  2. Jan Says:

    I just keep thinking lilly pads…… It’s an adorable quilt!!!

  3. bobbinhead Says:

    I love the fabric! I like lilly pads like Jan said..with the same color green in your quilt. Or dragonflies would look good as well.

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