Trying to find focus

I have been promising one of my nieces a quilt since she married 11 years ago. I have to admit that I’m the kind of quilter that has a hard time coming up with a quilt when someone gives me direction. (I want peach fabric and tulips). I worked and worked to come up with peach fabric which was hard to find at the time and downloaded loads of tulips to embroider on the quilt. Then I decided to do a log cabin with a frame full of flowers in the center. I worked on the center and started the log cabins and ran out of fabric. Then, we decided to move from Kansas City and I have never found that piece of quilt since (fortunately). So, for that last 10 years, I have tried to come up with a quilt for Terri Lynn. I fell in love with the fabric for the Harvest Spice quilts but hated the quilt itself. When Terri Lynn was here Thanksgiving, she also fell in love with the fabric. So….here I am with this fabric and I can not, no matter how hard I try, figure out what to do with it. Another things that I think is hindering my creativity is EQ6. Before EQ5 came along, I would lay out fabric and come up with a design for my quilts using that fabric. Since purchasing EQ5 and then EQ6, I spend (waste) enough time playing with the program that I could have had several quilts made. I then never come up with a design I like. So, I have decided I will go back to my previous way of coming up with designs and leaving EQ6 for my baby quilts. But, if anyone has any ideas (other than the original pattern) of using these 20″ blocks and the 6″ flower blocks, to make an oversized queen size quilt, I would be sincerely grateful.

harvest-spice-panel.jpg harvest-spice-border.jpg100_1417-2.jpg

I have another quilt (actually I’m working on 3 right now) that I have cut out and started piecing. It is using the Toad-ally Yours fabric (which I absolutely love) but I’m afraid I’ve drafted (again using EQ6) the squares too large. I’m using a snowball block with a star block finishing at 12″. The snowball block will be fine but this star is going to be really big. I did the size because I wanted to see as much of the fabric as I could but I’m not sure it is going to look like I wanted it to. Oh well, if it doesn’t, I have more fabric.

Here is a picture of the 2 blocks. The star block is just laid together so looks even bigger.


So that’s what I’m trying to focus on in addition to 2 baby quilts I’m working on. Those are ready to put on the frame to get quilted and sent on their way.

Happy Quilting!


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