It’s Been Cold Here

The temperature has been around 9 degrees every morning this week. Because of that, my pond chopping has been a very hard thing to do. The holes I have opened get smaller and smaller. Fortunately, this morning, it was 32 degrees and the ponds are beginning to thaw. Hopefully, in the morning, I won’t have to do any ice chopping.

I thought I would provide some pictures. The first is a picture of the bottom of my coveralls after chopping ponds. Once you get through the ice, the water splashes up on you and freezes. The coveralls could probably stand up on their own when I’m finished. I wear high top bog boots (wonderful boots for keeping your feet warm) which keeps the cold, frozen mess away from me.


The next picture is of some of the bluffs as you come into the place. This ice will more than likely be there until spring.


It is supposed to be 50 degrees today so will feel like spring and is very welcomed.

I have been getting some quilting done too. I have had a rush of orders recently so have been working on those. Since these are copies of quilts already on my website, I’m not going to show photos. I did make a change to one of the quilts so will show the new designs on this one.


On this quilt, I changed the train from the original quilt. I think it looks much nicer. And, again, I used the train panto from Jodi Beamish. Love that panto!

Well, that’s it for today. I’m finishing up my last order quilt and have another quilt ready to put on the frame. I’m going to try a new panto on this one to see how I like it.

Happy Quilting Everyone!!


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