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It’s Been Cold Here

January 26, 2008

The temperature has been around 9 degrees every morning this week. Because of that, my pond chopping has been a very hard thing to do. The holes I have opened get smaller and smaller. Fortunately, this morning, it was 32 degrees and the ponds are beginning to thaw. Hopefully, in the morning, I won’t have to do any ice chopping.

I thought I would provide some pictures. The first is a picture of the bottom of my coveralls after chopping ponds. Once you get through the ice, the water splashes up on you and freezes. The coveralls could probably stand up on their own when I’m finished. I wear high top bog boots (wonderful boots for keeping your feet warm) which keeps the cold, frozen mess away from me.


The next picture is of some of the bluffs as you come into the place. This ice will more than likely be there until spring.


It is supposed to be 50 degrees today so will feel like spring and is very welcomed.

I have been getting some quilting done too. I have had a rush of orders recently so have been working on those. Since these are copies of quilts already on my website, I’m not going to show photos. I did make a change to one of the quilts so will show the new designs on this one.


On this quilt, I changed the train from the original quilt. I think it looks much nicer. And, again, I used the train panto from Jodi Beamish. Love that panto!

Well, that’s it for today. I’m finishing up my last order quilt and have another quilt ready to put on the frame. I’m going to try a new panto on this one to see how I like it.

Happy Quilting Everyone!!


Life at Wishbone

January 17, 2008

The morning started out with me waking up 4 or 5 times during the night about to smother. I can’t imagine why since I have 2 cats that weigh in around 20 pounds, 1 at probably 12 and a 20 pound pug that think I’m their mattress. I finally got up at 5 so they could have the bed but of course, they all got up too. Then my 11 year old decided to watch cartoons instead of getting ready for school which caused a major yelling match so we didn’t miss the bus. When I arrive at the mailbox to wait on the bus, the pug jumps out of the car so I chase him down before he really takes off and I get the 11 year old on the bus. After watching the GMA for a while and drinking some coffee, I start getting ready to go chop ponds. It takes me a few trips to the bathroom (this is very important) before starting to put on my one piece jumpsuit, my coveralls, my bog boots, my husbands carhart coat, my hood, and finally my gloves so I can walk outside. This morning, I filled all of the bird feeders (5 in all) and got my trusty cow dog on the 4-wheeler (we don’t walk when it is this cold) so we could trek down to the ponds. I get to the ponds and would you believe at 20 degrees, there are waves. Thank God!! It’s too cold to have to do this. Every winter, I spend my time while chopping the ice in the ponds cursing the cows. I’m 57 years old and this is not what I had envisioned me doing during this time of my life. My sister, who is 68 years old is the driving force on these cows. They give “her” something to do but it always also includes me. There are pond breakings (which is my job), feeding hay, feeding cubes (I drive the truck while she distributes them from the back), then the occasional birthing assist. Yesterday, just as I get started working on an order quilt, she calls to say we have a heifer needing assistance. The calf is backwards and she can’t deliver by herself. We call the vet and they are all booked so I call my DBIL who is in a meeting and can’t get loose. We wait on the DBIL while I quilt as much as I can. Then fortunately, when he arrives, he brings reinforcements so I don’t have to assist. Another Thank God!! The heifer is saved but unfortunately, the calf is lost.

So, here I sit, waiting to shower because it is cube day. I have a quilt on the frame to finish and another to get started but here I sit waiting and waiting for Sissy to arrive so we can cube the cows. Oh well, such is a day at Wishbone.

I hope you get lots of quilting done today and hopefully, I’ll get the quilt finished on the frame and get started on the next one. I’m really anxious to get these out of the way since I have several in the works (in my brain) that I’m really wanting to get started on.

Happy Quilting!

An added note. I finally got tired of waiting and got in the shower. You guessed it, as soon as I got out and got my hair dry, along comes my sister. After putting hay out, she comes back into the house to tell me the heifer that had the calf yesterday has fallen into a ditch full of water and we are going to have to get her out. I put my sweat shirt, sweat pants, coveralls, DH carhart coat, stocking hat, bog boots, and gloves on again and out we go. We first had to put out cubes to keep the cows from attacking the truck. Then we go to find the heifer. Unfortunately, the outcome for the heifer was not good.

Back to Quilting

January 3, 2008

Happy New Year to everyone! I’m so glad to be getting back to my routines. I have 2 quilts ready to put on the frame and it feels so good to be getting back to normal. We had a wonderful Christmas with family here and in Kansas City but I’m so glad to be getting back to my daily work. I put my little one back on the bus this morning and other than having to chop ice in the ponds (It is 7 degrees this morning), will be getting some quilting done.

I have been so consumed with grief for one of our quilting friends over the loss of her son. I can not imagine what she is going through and can only pray that she finds the strength to get through this terrible time. She has 3 beautiful grand daughters that will need her even more now than before. Ronda, if you ever read this, please know that you are in my prayers.

It’s also time to start clearing out my sewing room. I am determined to get rid of the excess. It has become hard to even walk in here and there isn’t a table top that doesn’t have something on it. I still have some last minute things to complete to take care of Christmas and when that is done and sent on their way, I plan to get rid of all the scraps I have been saving. I hate to throw anything away thinking I might find something to use it for but space does not allow this. So, I’m going to make a new years resolution to eliminate all fabric scraps. That in itself will remove several bags that are stuffed under things. I’m also going to get rid of magazines that have not been touched in ….. years, thinking I will return to them someday. I’m clearing shelves and vowing to not buy any fabric that I don’t have a specific use for. Hopefully, by doing some of this clearing, I will find my room will open up and be more inviting.

So, that is it for today. Ronda, you are in my thoughts and prayers and my heart goes out to you and your family.

Happy Quilting everyone!