Table Topper Finished

I ordered some kaleidescope blocks from an online shop and wasn’t really thrilled with the leaf blocks I received so I decided to make me a table topper for some quilting practice. I learned a lot on this topper. First, if I don’t like the fabric, don’t waste my time, and 2nd, when doing wreaths, you need to draw both the inner and outer circles so the interior of the wreath is more consistent. Oh, and I also found out I need to slow down and make sure I’m being consistent on my borders. This one started out one way and ended up another but because it is mine, I’m not frogging. When it’s on the the table, you can’t see all of the borders at the same time anyway. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!!

For any of you who have used the Marvy Erasable Fabric Markers, the white shows up wonderful on black. When you first draw it, it is kind of yellow but then turns white. I didn’t try it on the leaf fabric to see if I could see it on that but doubt it would show up too well. And, as with the other markers, disappears in a couple of days. Wonderful product!!

Well, here are some photos of my latest leaves. Happy Quilting!



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