My First Feathers

I have been busy doing quilting then other things so decided I’d better get something posted.

I just finished my first quilt with feathers. I have been drawing feathers for months but hadn’t gotten the guts to put any on a quilt. So, I made this Hugs and Kisses quilt and decided it was the one. So, here are some pictures of the quilt and some close ups.


They aren’t the greatest feathers ever done but I think they are okay for a first. Now, I’ll keep practicing on quilts rather than paper so they should improve.

This past weekend I put laminate flooring down in one of the bedrooms and have been so sore I feel 100 years old. My legs were like rubber for several days and now are just plain sore. I guess I need to get more up and down exercise before doing this type work. I’m hoping by this weekend I will have all the soreness worked out of my legs.

I also decided after quilting the feathers and having severe back spasms that it was time to do something about the handles on my machine. I have been having problems with my right arm after doing very much quilting and think part of it is from the height of the handles on my machine. I purchased some bike handles but didn’t want to tear off the grips on the machine to get them on so sent those back. Yesterday, I ordered Micro handles for my machine. I’m hoping these will be the solution but if not, I’ll sell those and try something else. I’ve had the Fun Quilter a year now and the handles are the only thing about it I do not like. I talked to Nolting about retrofitting the Pro handles to the FQ but decided it would be more expense than I wanted right now. So, hopefully, the micro handles will be what I need.

That’s it for today. Happy Quilting!


One Response to “My First Feathers”

  1. AllenQuilts Says:

    WTG on the feathers!

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