Latest Quilt

I finished my Bazooples quilt Wednesday and this has got to be the cutest character quilt I’ve seen in a long time. It’s by Vicki Schreiner for Springs Global US, Inc., and I just love these animals.


I’ve been working the quilt shop again this week. Unfortunately, I have such a mental block on what “adult” quilt I want to do, I just can’t seem to find any fabric. Unbelievable isn’t it!! The book I picked up the last time I was there, requires 6 1/2 yards of fabric to do a quilt so I’ve kinda put that one on the back burner. Plus, I don’t have the room to work on such large diamonds right now so I’m moving on to another. I got a pattern for the Garden Twist and am playing around with maybe doing one of these. I have some floral fabric that would be wonderful on one of these and I would need to buy more fabric for the lattice. So, today, I’m taking this piece of fabric with me so maybe I can find some fabric for the lattice.

I’m working on a redwork order quilt. I’ve got all of the squared embroidered except about 7. I haven’t had time to complete those blocks since I’ve been working but will get them completed this weekend. I have been working on the filler blocks and have about half of those completed so by the time I get the embroidered blocks completed, I should be ready to put it together.

I’ve been drawing a lot of feathers lately and they are improving. I may be ready to attempt some on a quilt soon. I’m thinking about making a pink wholecloth with just something embroidered in the middle and doing feathers on the rest. I’ve been going through my designs to see what I can come up with for the middle.

Well, better get in the shower and head to the shop. Maybe I can find some fabric today. It’s just unimaginable to be in a quilt shop for 3 days and not buy any fabric. Gotta do something about that!!

Happy quilting!!


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