Adding to my stash!

I spent Thursday and Friday of this week helping a friend at her quilt shop. There was a Quilt Hop going on so she needed additional bodies to assist in the shop. The only problem with this is being surrounded by fabric for 2 days. I’d help with customers and then walk the shop, help with customers, then walk the shop. So needless to say, I had to come home with some fabric. Here are my purchases. I must admit there were many many more things I wanted but I was good and only picked a few.


My business is making and selling baby quilts. I love making these quilts but am finding that I’m wanting to do more “adult” quilts. I have so many ideas that I want to try but feel squeezed to continue with the baby quilts. So, I have decided to do both. I think if I make one baby quilt and one “adult” quilt, this will help keep my juices flowing. So, the reason for the new fabric choices. The African fabric is for a specific wall hanging I am planning and have been planning in my mind for several years. My oldest brother spent many years working and living in Africa. So I have had an African quilt in mind for him for years but haven’t gotten very far with it. The Zebra quilt I made was originally to go to him but decided it was too Zebra for what I wanted to do for him. This piece of fabric will work well for my plan. I was originally going to do the same thing using batiks but ran into a problem finding the “right” one to do what I wanted. Then I saw this piece. It will work well for the center for this quilt. So, when I get it finished, I’ll post pictures to see what you think.

I’m also including a special order baby quilt that I mailed yesterday. This quilt was based on a quilt made for the customers child years ago and she wanted it duplicated. I used the Train panto from Willow Leaf Studios and quilted the baby’s name in the border. I’m going to show the original quilt picture sent to me and the quilt I made from the picture. How did I do?



Well, that’s it for today. I have an ordered quilt that I need to get to work on since I spent 2 days playing.

Happy Quilting!


2 Responses to “Adding to my stash!”

  1. AllenQuilts Says:

    If I worked in a quilt shop, I don’t think I would make much money…kind of like when I worked in a Hasting’s as a teenager…lol.

  2. Suzanne Says:

    I’ve had that problem when I’ve helped out our local quilt store, too…..

    The train quilt looks adorable!

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