A Quilt for me

I had 2 days to myself while my DH and DS went fishing. So, I decided to put a quilt on the frame that has been in the works for over a year. I bought this fabric some time ago and kept getting it out and then putting it back. Last fall, I got it out, made a Drunkard’s Path throw quilt and was going to quilt it on my DSM. Not long after, I decided to purchase the Fun Quilter so decided to wait to quilt this throw on my new machine. It has been sitting in the closet waiting for me to do something for over a year now so this weekend, I decided to take a break from my orders and do one just for me.

I had some thread problems at first. I was using a new cone of So Fine and every once in a while, it would flip up. I didn’t know it at the time, but every time this flip occurred, it nested thread on the back of the quilt. I finally got out one of my thread nets and that took care of the problem. I’ve never had this happen with So Fine before but those thread nets sure come in handy.

I used black Quilters Dream batting, doubled, and So Fine thread in top and bottom. The flower design is one I found and made a stencil of. My hand really got tired of stenciling all these flowers before I got through. I stenciled each individually so I could place them to fit in the area. I didn’t do a great job of matching each side but who cares, this is for me!

I’m trying my best to start doing more on my quilts than ruler work. I’ve bought all kinds of feather books and videos but so far, haven’t been brave enough to put any on a quilt. One of these days, I’ll be brave and see what I can do. Maybe I’ll have to make a really feminine baby quilt that will scream for feathers. I’ve got lots of ideas, now just getting them put into fabric is the thing. It seems like every time I am ready to be brave, I get orders and have to work on those. Oh well, that pays for the fabric so I can’t complain.

Here’s a picture of “My” quilt. I cross hatched the blue fabric (you can still see some of the chalk marks since I haven’t washed it yet). I debated about what to do in this area and decided to do something simple so the flowers would stand out more.  I had thought about doing lattice but didn’t want to spend that much additional time on the quilt. Maybe next time. It really does lie flat.  I need to figure something different for taking pictures. Because the rod sets out from the wall, the quilts don’t hand right. Also, it isn’t straight so I have to try to compensate when taking the picture.



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