Finally Back To Quilting!!

I got one of the 4 baby quilts quilted yesterday. I’ll get the binding on today but need to go to town first, something I hate to do. Unfortunately, we have to eat around here so it forces me to leave the place to do the dreaded grocery shopping. If I try real hard, I just may be able to postpone the trip until tomorrow. We’ll see.

Since I haven’t posted anything quilty but one problem quilt, I thought I would post a couple of things I have done in the past. One is a Zebra quilt that is pieced and raw edge appliqued. I had so much fun doing this quilt that I have bought some horse fabric to do another. I’ve also seen some dog fabric that I keep going back to, thinking it would make a fantastic quilt. The other quilt is one I embroidered and quilted for our great niece. This was cross hatched on the DSM but the next cross hatched quilt will be done on the frame. It is so much easier to have it all laid out in front of you.

I’ll post the quilts I’m working on as I get them finished.

Happy quilting!!



2 Responses to “Finally Back To Quilting!!”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Cute quilts! How long did it take for all the embroidery?

  2. jhwolf Says:

    It took a couple of days to do the whole quilt so probably a day for the embroidery and a day for the quilting and binding.

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