This Weeks Events

The grandkids arrived Monday. They spent the week riding 4-wheelers, playing games, wrestling, and going to the creek. I haven’t been to the creek to swim in years but this week, I thoroughly enjoyed riding the intertubes with the kids. We gathered rocks, looked for fossils, and caught crawdads for fishing. I enjoyed the time as much as they did.

The week ended on a bad note though. I got all the 4-wheelers loaded in the truck along with the fishing rods, helmets, etc. and we started out for Nevada to meed Mom and Dad. As we left the house, I noticed the air conditioner was blowing hot air but thought it would just take a few minutes to cool off since the outside temperature was 104 degrees. The boys were sitting in the back seat of the truck and kept asking “is it getting cool yet?” Unfortunately, it never did get cool. We spent the 2 hour drive with the windows down and hot air circulating in the cab. I stopped in Lamar, MO for refreshments and while we were sitting at the light to get back onto the highway, the temperature gauge said 127 degrees, and we were feeling it!! When we arrived in Nevada, my dh met us and put freon in the AC and the trip back was much better. While he was putting the freon in the truck, the temperature was reading 125 degrees and it must have been twice that in the cab of the truck. So, my return trip was much better and I didn’t even care that my hair was standing on end in the back where the wind had blown it for 2 hours, or that the bottom of my pants were wet from the floor in the DQ where we stopped for refreshments, or that my face looked like I had been sunburned from the heat and wind. I just cared that the darned AC was working again.

Last night, I was sitting in my sewing room and the temperature outside said 104 degrees when I thought it was starting to get rather warm. I made a trip through the house and looked at the inside temperature and it was reading 86 degrees. So, after checking the AC unit outside, I realize it is just humming and the fan is not moving. So, we turn off the AC, open the house, and pray we can find parts on Sunday. Fortunately, we have a very good neighbor up the road about a mile that is in the AC business. This morning, my dh again came through and got parts off our neighbor. So….we again have Ac in the house. Hopefully, this will be the last of the AC problems at Wishbone Lane this year.

I’m spending my weekend getting baby quilts ready to put on the frame next week. My youngest (10) starts back to school on Wednesday and I think they will hear my yells of celebration all the way to town (7 miles). It’s been a good summer but I’m looking forward to more time on the machine without interruptions. I love the child to death but he starts talking the minute his feet hit the floor and he doesn’t stop until he finally falls asleep at night. (This is one of those wishes we regret making “I can’t wait ’til he starts talking”).

So that’s it for today. I’ve got to get back to my quilts since it is now cooling off.

Happy quilting!


One Response to “This Weeks Events”

  1. Eileen Says:

    104 degrees!?!?!? OMG, I’d melt. I can’t stand it when it hits 85!

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