Problem Quilts

This must be my week for problems. I put a quilt on the frame Friday night that should have taken about 2 hours to quilt and it took 2 days. I am having some tension issues and don’t know what is causing it. I ended up frogging most of yesterday and finally got to the borders this morning. Then when I got to a point on the last border, I started having issues again. I went through every step I could think of, tried new needles (several), rethreaded several times, changed bobbins, loosened the sandwich, lowered the TUR, and took the ruler plate off and cleaned really good. It continued but once I got past this one particular spot in the quilt, the problem was over. There didn’t seem to be anything on either the top or back fabrics or the batting but there was definitely a problem. But, all turned out well and I finished the quilt.

I am rather new to frame quilting. I have had my Fun Quilter since October. I had a problem with my machine starting in January and going through March and finally got a replacement machine from Nolting. I haven’t had any problems to speak of up to now so I guess I can’t complain about a few days of issues. I’ll look at this as a learning experience. Hopefully, I have done enough learning for a while. I have several orders I need to get out, 2 of the grandkids are going to be here all week, and I don’t need any more stress.

I’m looking forward to an uneventful week, or at least I’m praying for one.

Happy quilting everyone!!


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