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July 31, 2007

This is my first attempt at doing a blog. I have no idea what will be included….daily activities, questions on quilting, critter news, whatever.

I live in SW Missouri on 600 acres of a family compound (land jointly owned by the family). The property is home to cattle, horses, dogs, cats, and anything willing to make their home here. We have all kinds of wild life and I especially love the birds that visit my feeders every morning. During the summer, I have an overabundance of humming birds that circle the house when the feeders are low, I have an orange Tanger (I can’t find my bird book to verify the name) that spends the day pecking at my front window for who knows why, and many other beautiful birds that visit the other feeders outside my sewing room.

My immediate family includes my husband and 10 year old son, 4 cats and 3 dogs, and 16 inside birds including 3 Rosy Boarke Parakeets, 4 Diamond Doves, 1 Canary, 1 Society Finch, and 7 Zebra Finches. Needless to say, I have quite a managerie.

I have loved working with fabrics and yarns my whole life in one form or another (an inherited love from my Mother and Great Grandmother). I started knitting at age 9 (was taught by a friend from Holland), began making clothes for my Barbie dolls at an early age, and began actually constructing clothing for myself in high school. My first quilt was made in 1978 out of a velvet bedspread. Shortly after, I began buying fabric to make quilts and began my hand quilting phase. In 1996, I bought my first embroidery machine and began making embroidered quilts and machine quilting some using my DSM. In 2005, I purchased a Juki 9″ throat machine and followed that with the purchase of a Grace GMQ Pro machine quilting frame. It didn’t take long trying to quilt with the Juki to realize that I wanted more space. In Spetember of 2006, I purchased a Nolting Fun Quilter and have been happily quilting since. The FQ is on the Grace GMQ Pro and I love the combination.

Welcome to my blog.


Hello world!

July 31, 2007

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!